Labor Activists from across the state help defeat Issue 1

(Columbus, OH) On Tuesday August 8th, Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected Issue 1, a measure put forth by extremist politicians in the state legislature to make it harder for citizen-driven initiatives to amend the Ohio Constitution. Ballot campaigns that AFSCME Ohio Council 8 and its members had previously helped lead,  like lowering the cost of prescription drugs, raising the minimum wage and protecting collective bargaining rights could have been in danger had this initiative passed. 

Across the state AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members helped drive the ‘No on Issue 1 campaign. Through labor walks, mailings, and post card writing parties, labor activists and volunteers provided the grassroots organizing that soundly defeated Issue 1. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members worked in coalition with the Ohio AFL CIO, and community organizations to execute a comprehensive voter outreach campaign in a very short period of time. 

"I'd like to thank all of the  AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members and activists who worked tirelessly to defeat Issue 1. We worked with a coalition of unions and community organizations community organizations that protected our democracy and the basic rights of Ohioans."  President R. Sean Grayson, AFSCME Ohio Council 8