Contemporary Arts Center Workers United (CACWU) Request Voluntary Recognition from Contemporary Arts Center

(Cincinnati, OH) - Employees at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati requested voluntary recognition of their union - CACWU (Contemporary Art Center Workers United), early Tuesday morning on January 17, 2023. A group of about ten employees met with the interim Executive Director and read the letter in person. The letter outlined the employees' concerns and requested “real structural change” to address these issues. Below is an excerpt from their letter:

“We know everyone at the CAC shares the desire for an equitable, transparent, and sustainable workplace. One that fosters creativity and cultivates an inclusive culture. Our endeavor is completely and indissolubly linked to the center’s stated mission, ongoing commitment to social justice, and overall institutional transformation. This continued work will require significant structural changes to achieve these goals.”  Click here to read the letter in full. 

CACWU members have shared that while they love working for the Center and its membership it is currently not serving its employees. The staff has had to deal with furloughs, the elimination of several positions including leadership, and most importantly a lack of support for those employees that remain.

Hailey Fulford talks about how uneven the current situation is compared to the mission of the Contemporary Art Center, for example; "Accessibility is not just about free admission or big elevators or low sloping stairs – it’s also about who is able to work here. By failing to meet industry standard wages we are excluding many members of our community who wouldn’t be able to pay rent if they worked here. I would not be able to work here if I didn't get my groceries from a local food bank."

The CACWU is currently waiting for a response from the administration. They hope to be voluntarily recognized in the coming days.