Hopewell Therapists and CPST Providers Demand Safer Workplaces - File For a Union

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September 08, 2022

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Hopewell Therapists and CPST Providers Demand Safer Workplaces - File For a Union

(Athens, OH) On September 6th, 2022 Hopewell Health Center Therapists and CPST providers of Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services at 141 Columbus Road, Athens, Ohio filed for a union election to be held at their workplace. With an overwhelming majority of employees supporting the effort to unionize with AFSCME Ohio Council 8, they expect to win their union and begin addressing many of their concerns around the difficult workplace conditions that they have been facing, both before and since the COVID pandemic began. Employees hope that Hopewell Health Centers will voluntarily agree to the election and follow the law by allowing its employees a quick election without fear or intimidation. 

Employees recognize the need for a union due to the fact that the very basic expectations around their employment are not being met. Safety concerns, a lack of transparency and low pay are creating a difficult work environment. That is why employees like Neena VanCoppenolle and other therapists and CPST providers decided to file for a union election. 

Neena a Child Therapist and employee organizer explained “ As a therapist who has stayed with Hopewell since interning in 2019, I have worked tirelessly to uphold Hopewell’s mission statement; provide high-quality care, specifically for the children and adolescents of Southeastern Ohio. Every day I give all the care, love, and compassion my clients deserve, only to have Hopewell continue to force high caseloads, and demand unattainable productivity, all while paying us a wage that is disrespectfully low considering our work. I am proud of the care and commitment I have for my clients - I just wish Hopewell would show its employees that same respect and compassion. That is why we are forming our union - to fight for and win the respect we deserve. 

The employees filed an election petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Tuesday, September 6th, and are awaiting Hopewell Health Center’s response. 




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