Citizens Not Politicians

AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members play an important role in maintaining the well-being of their communities. However, the current legislative maps do not accurately represent them. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 advocates for members to elect their representatives, rather than politicians drawing their own districts through gerrymandering. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 is pushing for a constitutional amendment that establishes an independent commission to create fair legislative maps reflecting the communities our members live and work in.

What is Gerrymandering 

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency to favor one party or class. Currently Ohio is the one the nation’s top five most gerrymandered states. The current process creates opportunities for an imbalance of electoral power that either party can take advantage of.

How to Get Involved - AFSCME Ohio Council 8 Members Needed

AFSCME Ohio Council 8 is joining a coalition of unions and community groups that introduced a ballot initiative that will replace partisan political leaders and lobbyists from drawing the maps with a transparent process that creates a commission of community leaders and citizens who will promote fair, common sense legislative maps that fairly represent communities and respect the voices of voters.

The CNP Campaign has until early July to submit 413,000 valid signatures for ballot placement on the November 2024 General Election. There is no time to waste! Ending Gerrymandering is in the best interest of AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members by removing politicians from the process. If you are interested in signing the petition or volunteering to gather signatures please reach out to your AFSCME Ohio Council 8 union staff. You can also scan the QR codes below to find a petition, sign up to volunteer or even register to vote.

Click here to visit the Citizens Not Politicians website.