Why Organize a Union Where You Work?

Public employees, non-profit employees, and other Ohio workers providing public services want reasonable, consistent, and fairly enforced policies. Even more importantly, they want a voice in making those policies so that they can earn good wages, a secure retirement and affordable, high-quality health care benefits. Organizing a union is the best way to meet these goals.  Contact AFSCME Ohio Council 8 to learn more about how to organize – this conversation will be completely confidential.

You Have a Legal Right to Join a Union

Your right to join a union is protected under the Constitution of the United States. In Ohio, Council 8 played an instrumental role in passing the state’s collective bargaining law which guarantees you the legal right to form a union and bargain collectively with your employer over pay, hours of work, and working conditions.

In America, your freedom of speech and freedom of association are guaranteed. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get the Union Advantage by Joining AFSCME

In a time when corporate, top-earners’ pay is skyrocketing but wages are shrinking for working Ohioans, unions matter more than ever. AFSCME believes that working Ohioans deserve good salaries, reasonable health benefits and a secure retirement. AFSCME Council 8 is comprised of more than 41,000 members and helps employees work with their employers to secure these key parts of the American dream.

You can take charge of your work, your family’s security, and your personal well being by organizing a union where you work.
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