We must move forward united.

Recent events have shown us America divided.

In Georgia, a triumph of organizing and motivating voters resulted in the election of two US Senators with the potential to end congressional gridlock and move America forward.

Twenty-four hours later this victory was eclipsed in Washington D.C. by an attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair national election by a violent mob incited and encouraged by a sitting president of the United States.

With the incoming Biden/Harris administration and a new majority in Congress I am hopeful that we can start to move forward with a rapid and coordinated response to the COVID pandemic focused first on vaccinating all front line and essential workers and those most at risk.

The incoming administration also needs to provide additional assistance to America’s working families so they can remain in their homes and keep food on the table. And after more than eight months of lobbying, we may finally see more aid for state and local governments struggling to provide vital services to their communities in the wake of revenue losses and increased costs associated with the corona virus.

Moving forward will not be easy and will take time. To do this we must start by working together. We can and must rebuild faith in the rule of law, in our institutions and each other.

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