Now it’s up to the Senate pass the HEROES Act and keep Ohio working. 

Keep the pressure on! Now it’s up to the Senate pass the HEROES Act and keep Ohio working.  It’s up to us to make that happen!

Because of your calls and e-mails to Congress, Funding for Front Line Workers took a leap forward when the House passed the HEROES Act – Thank you!

Now our union must set its sights on the U.S. Senate to pass the HEROES Act. This vital step is needed to stop the wave of layoffs and unpaid furloughs affecting thousands of health, education, safety and other essential public service workers who are necessary to open our economy safety and to keep Ohio working.

“Now is the time for politicians to take bold action. I know our union is up to the task of demanding they take that action. ” said Robert Davis Ohio Council Political and Legislative Director. 

But we can’t count on Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s support to pass the HEROES Act.  He says wants to “wait and see”. Along with the Senate Majority Leader, who is on record saying he is willing to let cities, towns, hospitals and colleges “go bankrupt”,  we will need every vote to save Ohio.

Left to right – Patricia Sheldon and Charice Johnson

Ohio can’t afford to wait and see how many more critical public service jobs will be eliminated.  Jobs like Cincinnati Health Department AFSCME Local 3119 nurses Patricia Sheldon and Charice Johnson perform everyday treating citizens who have tested positive with COVID-19 but who have no health insurance.

We need every public health nurse like Patricia and Charice. We need every public safety worker, health care worker, custodial and sanitary worker, transportation and human services worker and so many other vital public service workers to stay on the job rather than be laid off.

It’s clear Ohio can’t “wait and see”. We must make Sen. Rob Portman understand his duty to our communities and families includes supporting the HEROES Act.

Tell him to Fund the Front Lines, NOW. Click here.

Tell him Ohio can’t wait. We’re counting on him to support the HEROES Act and provide the vital funding to maintain the essential public services AFSCME members provide.

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