Union Power Wins Strong Contract

A united membership and a committed negotiating committee won AFSCME Local 1880 a successor contract with the Stark County Area Regional Transportation Authority (SARTA). The agreement, which included wage increases and benefit improvements, was overwhelmingly approved by union members.

The three-year contract calls for 3 percent across-the-board pay increase in each year of the agreement.  In addition to the percentage increase, the contract included a 40-cent-per hour equity increase in the first year and a $1,000 signing bonus. 

With SARTA being one of only a handful of transit systems fueling busses with hydrogen, its Hydrogen Mechanics received a $3 per hour equity increase due to the more dangerous work environment and the special skills needed to maintain the vehicles.

The union also made significant improvements in health care benefits.

“Improving heath care was the committee’s number one priority,” said Shawn Daum, president of the 155-member local union.  “We were able to reach agreement on a $750 yearly health care premium which is reduced to $250 by a $500 credit for participation the wellness program.” 

The union was also able to maximize the cost-effective vision, dental and other health care services provided by the Ohio AFSCME Care Plan.

According to Daum, the union “finally got a foot in the door” on sick leave. In the absence of actual sick leave, members will now be able to convert up to 3 days of vacation in case of an illness without going through the usual approval process, “and that’s a start,” he said.

Left to right. Lee Brunkhart, Shawn Daum, Pam Penix, Johnnie Mea Bingham, Paul Henrich, Joe Risby and Chris Cooper

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