Strong push-back by labor caused the Ohio House Insurance Committee to slow down action House Bill 394 – the Unemployment Compensation benefits reduction bill.

A plan to restore solvency to the Unemployment Compensation system is needed. But House Bill 394 would fix the system entirely on the backs of workers.

HB 394 will not only dramatically reduce benefits; it will make it harder to get them in the first place. At 12 weeks of coverage, the plan cuts Ohio’s benefit weeks to some of the lowest levels in the nation.

“While putting the brakes on HB 394 is a real victory, it will take more action to stop it in its tracks,” said Ohio Council 8 Political and Legislative Director Robert Davis.

“If you are a victim of a lay-off or plant closing, it is virtually impossible to find a job with comparable pay and benefits in just three months. HB 397 will force people to take the first minimum wage, no benefit job they can find – and that drives wages down for everyone,” Davis said.

Call this toll free number: 1-844-213-8172 where you will be connected directly to your state legislator.

Tell them you OPPOSE HB 394 because it’s an unbalanced plan that would fix the system entirely on the backs of workers. Cutting benefits and eligibility in not the way to build and economy that works for all Ohioans.

You can also participate by sending your representative a letter opposing HB 394: Click here

Download this flier to share with your co-workers: Click here.




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