Speaking Up Leads to Raises for Union Members

AFSCME Local 1746 and Local 27 of AFSCME Ohio Council 8 were able to fight for and secure a one percent increase to raises they had negotiated in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Over 1300 members will now see a 3 percent  raise on July 3, 2022. 

In 2021 and early 2022 both locals had negotiated contracts that won important gains for all their members, including avoiding layoffs and furloughs. As Chelsea Hasrouni a Cuyahoga County employee and President of AFSCME Local 27 shares “During negotiations we even went into fact finding to try and figure out if there was any way we could get all of our members a full three percent raise.” Unfortunately after the fact finder issued his report the union had to settle for a 2 percent increase. But in early March this year local union leadership began to hear rumblings that some county unions were actually going to get a 3 percent increase while AFSCME members were still only getting the two percent. AFSCME Council 8 staff immediately began reaching out to County Executive Armond Budish. 

Marquez Brown the Regional Director of AFSCME Council 8 reached out to the County Executive’s office urging Mr. Budish to reconsider the current contract to include raises for AFSCME members. Chelsea Hasrouni recalls how AFSCME members had rallied in 2020 to demand fair and equal pay for all bargaining units in the county, “As AFSCME union members we understood then and now, it is not just about the raise but about fairness and equality for all public employees.”

However, because of the collaborative relationship built between the County Executor and AFSCME Ohio Council 8, it didn’t have to come to that. County Executive Budish promised that he would bring the one percent increase before the County Council and on May 10, 2022 the council passed a resolution granting a one percent increase bringing AFSCME contracts equal to other unions.. AFSCME Local 27 members and AFSCME Local 1746 will now receive a full 3 percent  raise effective July 3rd, 2022. 

Chelsea and AFSCME members were quick to thank the County Executive but they know that if they hadn’t raised their voices and asked the question, the victory for the members  would never have been achieved. 

By Namita Waghray

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