UPDATED: Sick Days Saved

Instead of a balanced approach to fill the state’s $800 million budget deficit, Ohio’s Republican controlled legislature decided to cut their way out of the problem, ”which included taking a third of our paid sick days away,” said AFSCME Ohio Council 8 Political and Legislative Director Robert Davis.

“Thanks to your calls and AFSCME’s lobbying at the statehouse, the proposal which started out aimed only at state university employees but soon grew to include all public employees, was pulled from the budget’s final version,” Davis said.

According to the bill’s backers paid sick days are nothing more than “perk” enjoyed by public employees.

“Just tell that to all the working moms and dads who depend on sick days to keep their families – and everyone else healthy,” said Jamie Shumaker, president of AFSCME Local 2191 at the Columbus City Health Department.

“Even with a vaccination, my son became ill after being exposed to whooping cough. Pertussis is an extremely contagious and Ohio law requires a week-long in-home quarantine.

“It can come as a real shock to many that not only is the child quarantined – but the parents are too. Without the strong sick leave benefits in our AFSCME contract, I would have lost a week’s pay,” she said.

In addition to whooping cough, there are dozens of other contagious diseases that must be reported to the Ohio Department of Health Shumaker said.

“Because of our union contract we can focus on taking care of our loved ones and not worry about losing pay or our jobs,” she said.

(Pictured above is Dave Logan, President of Local 1699 Ohio University, testifying against sick day cuts)

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