Saunders Rocks the House!

Council 8 President John Lyall introduced AFSCME International President Lee Saunders to our state convention highlighting how Saunders “effectively brought together a divided international executive board during one of the labor movements most challenging moments. He’s a labor leader that brings people together.”

President Saunders began his speech by highlighting Council 8 working class fighting spirit. “When extremists tried to privatize your pension system in Cincinnati, we didn’t run away from that fight did we? We didn’t bury our heads in the sand. We stood up like champs, because we always stand up. We volunteered; we coordinated a coalition in this city and because of that activity, because of that commitment. We won!”

The speech also touched on the importance of AFSCME getting back to the basics through the AFSCME Strong Program. “We need to start talking with our members and non members, looking them dead in the eye. Not calling them on the phone, not texting them, but talking to them in the work site, listening to them, knocking on doors and asking them to be active, asking them to be engaged in their union.”   Saunders ended his speech with a call for collective action. “We have the ability to stand up, and be counted. We have the ability to right the wrong in this country today. We don’t just owe it to our children to take on this fight, when we fight together and come together in solidarity, when we stand up, and make our voices heard. When we fight, we win.”




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