“Right to Work” is WRONG

Council 8 stands against “Right to Work” because it is an unsafe and unfair attack on workers’ rights, good jobs, families and the middle class. Out of touch lawmakers in our state are once again trying to implement policies that hurt people like us. Even more upsetting, they’re being deceptive by veiling this attack on workers rights with phrases like “workplace freedom” and “right to work.” Here’s the truth about how “right to work” affects the members of Council 8:

“Right to work” makes it harder for us to collectively bargain for safe working environments, adequate equipment and fair wages.

“Right to work” tries to intimidate us into keeping quiet about unsafe working conditions for fear of losing our jobs.

“Right to work” allows a small number of workers to cheat the system by not paying dues at the expense of our hard work and willingness to play by the rules.

“Right to work” means lower wages for EVERYONE—even those who are not members of Council 8.

At Council 8, we know the truth about “Right to work.” It is an unfair and unsafe attack on our jobs, families and the middle class. We will stand together, just as we did against Senate Bill 5, to defeat this unsafe and unfair attack on our rights.

“Right to Work” is WRONG. Don’t trust it!

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