Right to work is a fraud. Don’t take the bait.

AFSCME Members,

Have you been propositioned lately? City of Cleveland AFSCME Local 100 members have. They recently received an e-mail from the so-called “Freedom Foundation” sent to their work address.   

Here’s the pitch – you can quit your union and lose nothing – everything stays the same.

Don’t take the bait! Remember – there’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.

Local 100 members and others receive e-mails like this at work because the anti-union gang has been scouring the internet searching for your personal information.  They are collecting your employment records, pension records, Bureau of Worker’s Compensation records and any other information they can find about you.

Right-to-Work is a fraud. It’s a trap to turn our union from a powerhouse, into a poorhouse.

What they say fact check:

It’s about freedom of speech. (Not true – it’s about weakening the union).

Pay and benefits stay the same. (Until the current contract is up –then?)

The boss won’t change a thing. (Are you kidding me?)

The billionaires funding right-to-work want you to take the bait. They want you to opt-out to take away the power our union has as your strong voice on the job every day. 

That strong voice means protecting:

  • Job Security
  • Decent Pay
  • Strong Benefits
  • Secure Pensions
  • Job Safety

If ever there is a need for union members standing together it’s now.  Facing a continuing pandemic and the U.S. Senate holding up HEREOS Act funding to state and local governments hit hard by unemployment and the loss of tax revenue caused by COVID19, public employers are threatening more furloughs and layoffs.  A strong union on your side is vital.

It’s our members that make us strong.  As union members we work together for a better life for each other, for our families and our community.

Being a member gives us the power to defend our jobs, win the pay we’re worth, the benefits we depend on, and the respect we deserve. 

Don’t take the bait – stick with the union!

In solidarity, Sean Grayson

President, AFSCME Ohio Council 8, AFL-CIO

6800 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio, 43085-2512
Phone: 614-841-1918
Fax: 614-841-1299