Resident takes stance against Right-to-Work

Letter originally appeared in Crawford County Now. You can read it on the site by clicking here.

I write in response to Rep. Wesley Goodman’s (R-Cardington) Feb. 27 op-ed. Like many statehouse politicians, Rep. Goodman seems to be easily fooled by the deceptively-named “Right to Work.”

I’m a customer service representative for the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services and I assist unemployed workers. I’m also a mother, a neighbor and a taxpayer, and I spend my hard-earned dollars right here in Crawford County. As an active community member – not a statehouse politician – I can tell you that Right to Work is WRONG. It’s wrong for middle and working class families. Wrong for Ohio. Don’t trust it. Ohio is surrounded by a desert of Right to Work is Wrong states. In these states, wages are lower. Workers in Right to Work is Wrong states make $681 less every month than workers in free bargaining states, like Ohio. $681! That pay cut is devastating to families, and it hurts our communities too. Less wages means less spending at local businesses. And that hurts everyone.

Right to Work is Wrong strips workers of their voices and that makes workers less safe. Death rates on the job are 49 percent higher in Right to Work is Wrong states. Workers put up with unsafe working conditions – at risk of losing their lives – to avoid being fired for simply speaking up.

What makes Right to Work is Wrong states even worse is the lack of jobs and opportunities. Right to Work is Wrong laws don’t create jobs. What businesses are looking for when they move and hire is a well-trained workforce and great communities. And good businesses are willing to pay good wages for skilled workers in healthy communities.

Compared to these other states, Ohio is a free bargaining oasis. And we can attract more businesses by continuing to be a free bargaining oasis.

Right to Work is WRONG. Don’t trust it.

Jackie Stuckert
Bucyrus, OH 44820


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