Make a call and protect workers in your community.

Congress is now busy at work creating the COVID 4 relief bill. This bill is aimed at helping workers affected by the crisis.
We must act TODAY – to make sure hospital, education, city, state and county workers will be included in the latest response bill’s funding.

The bill is intended to work by offering loans to businesses to keep their employees on their payrolls and offer expanded unemployment benefits to workers who do lose their job.

Currently Hospitals, public schools, and local and state governments are not included.

Our top priority for this COVID response bill must be to provide $200 billion in additional direct funds with a clear requirement that money will be used to protect public service jobs.

NOW is the time to act in order to remove the roadblocks and fix previous Coronavirus Aid acts so that public service workers who face cutbacks and job loses will not be left out.

To make that happen we need you to call or e-mail Sen. Sherrod Brown (click here) and Sen. Rob Portman (click here) and your congressional representative (click here).

Let them know that hospital, education, city, state and county workers must be included in the latest COVID response bill’s funding.

From the Emergency Room to the classroom, from the County Engineer to the public health department, these public services workers keep Ohio’s communities healthy and safe. These critical jobs must be protected.

Call and keep calling. Let your mayor, county executive, Ohio House and Senate representative know Ohio must keep its public service workers on the job.

Ask them to call their friends in Washington D.C. and go to bat for the people who make Ohio happen.

Call 1-800-282-0253 to reach your Ohio Representative (click here) to find your Ohio Senator
To download a detailed COVID4 fact sheet, click here.
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