Loss of Rights Won’t Stop Child Care Provider Unions

Being stripped of their collective bargaining rights by Gov. John Kasich and the Legislature didn’t shut the doors on Ohio Council 8’s Child Care Provider unions.

“The lights are still on and we’re open for the business of advocating for early childhood education and winning fairness and dignity for our members,” said AFSCME Local 4025 President Asyia Haile.

Open to all central Ohio providers, the union brought more than 50 attendees up to speed on new rules and discussed ways the union can still assist them with training, lobbying, and continuing to work with our allies.

In addition, new membership and dues procedures were outlined. Building up the Child Care Providers union requires our membership to re-sign under a bank draft process.

Membership for the Columbus Local 4025 continues to grow. The large turnout for the last child care providers meeting demonstrates the membership’s continued desire for a voice in child care policy, and workplace protections while on the job. On Saturday alone, 11 members re-signed their union cards bring the total number of dues paying members to 125 for Columbus Local 4025.

The Child Care Providers union is working with advocacy organizations such as Ohio GroundWork on research regarding the cost of providing public funded childcare. In addition, the state is moving publicly funded child care towards an early education focus.

The union is here to make sure you are aware of upcoming rule changes, have a voice in crafting child care policy and to advocate for appropriate funding.

Childcare Providers

Asyia Haile Local 4025 President speaking at recent Child Care Providers union meeting

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