How neighbors in Cincinnati rallied to thank AFSCME sanitation workers

Retired Cincinnati employee Gerald Checco has worked in many City departments and recognizes the professionalism of the city’s workforce. “These folks cannot, and will not stay home and wait for the pandemic to pass. They too face conditions that put their personal health at risk.” 
“We naturally think of our hospital professionals who continue hourly to face an unknown enemy, but we need to also think of our government employees who continue to do their jobs and maintain some semblance of normalcy while the rest of us must do our part and stay at home.”
Checco rallied his neighbors in the Cincinnati community of Clifton to thank the members of AFSCME Local 255’s “ever-reliable sanitation workers” and through them to “ all committed city and county employees.”
On pickup day the community said thank you to the union members by posting “thank you” note on their trash cans as an expression of their gratitude. 
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