Demand Congress Fund the Front Lines Now! Make The Call.

Make the call or e-mail the Senate, U.S House and Ohio’s legislative leaders to demand Full Funding for State and Local Government in the COVID relief bill now before Congress

Sometimes the front line is not always where you think it is.  First responders and front-line workers cannot get far without reliable equipment. 

On this unseen “front line” are workers like AFSCME Local 1158 member like Clayton Long who helps keep the City of Marion’s vehicles in action and on the road.

“Our members know how important it is to fund Ohio’s state and local government during this crisis,” said Greg Mayse, president of the 70-member union for city workers.   

“It’s vital that all Council 8 members take action now to avoid service cuts, layoffs and lost jobs. And the leaders of our local union will get this message to our members,” Mayes said, noting that the union has 100% membership.

Call now and demand that congress include over $800 billion in funding for state and local governments in the COVID relief package now under consideration in the Senate and House. 


Take Action Now!

Call Sen. Sherrod Brown at: (202) 224-2315

Call Sen Rob Portman at: (202) 224-3353 

Click here to find your U.S. Representative.

Click here to e-mail all three.

Also call Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s Office at (614) 644-4357 and ask him to do everything in his power to urge Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to make sure Ohioans receive their fair share of this critical aid. 

Click here to email Gov. DeWine.

6800 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio, 43085-2512
Phone: 614-841-1918
Fax: 614-841-1299