Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley was one of the key note speakers on Saturday. She was recognized and received a standing ovation for being the first mayor in the state to pass a policy enabling city workers to receive paid maternity leave, which was subsequently passed in Cincinnati. Mayor Whaley went on to thank AFSCME workers for the work we do for the city of Dayton, “I appreciate those of you who are on the front lines every single day, delivering vital public services. As mayor I rely on the men and women who are out there every day fixing the pot holes, picking up the trash, keeping our neighborhoods safe, responding to emergencies, and clearing the snow from our streets. What you do improves the quality of life for the communities that you serve. I’m here today to say, thank you.”

She went on to stress how her personal roots shape her politics and values, “It’s important to remember what we value and where we came from. Much of who I am, and what I believe, as an elected official, I owe to lessons I learned from my parents. When I graduated college, and I was celebrating my accomplishments with my family, my father said to me, ‘it’s wonderful what you’ve done, but never forget that all we have and everything we achieve would not be possible without the sacrifices of the men and women of organized labor.’”

Mayor Whaley was one of three key staff leaders leading the “We Are Ohio” campaign to defeat Senate Bill 5. Mayor Whaley continues to be a strong leader in the fight for a more fair and equitable society. More than one AFSCME Council 8 member called on Mayor Whaley to consider running for a state-wide office sometime in the future.



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