Columbus Armed Demonstration Statement

Ten years ago in 2011, thousands of Ohio’s working women and men of all races packed the Ohio State House and Capital Square to protest the passage of Senate Bill 5 and save the right to collective bargaining. No windows were broken. No shots were fired. No one was injured.

Workers made their case based on facts without violence or threats of violence, and we won at the ballot box and in the court of public opinion. Working with the tools America provides – the rights of assembly and free speech to peacefully protest, Ohioans won.

Today, a violent mob fresh from breaching the walls of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. which left five dead including a U.S. Capitol Police officer, is threatening to spread violence in all of America’s capital cities including Columbus.

Ohioans of good faith and conscience will refuse to approve of or take part in such violent efforts. We know from experience that this is not the way to make true and lasting change that will benefit our families and our communities.
President Sean Grayson,
AFSCME Ohio Council 8 AFL-CIO

AFSCME Member at Toledo Medical Center Receives COVID 19 Vaccine

AFSCME Local member 2415 Tammi Renner received the Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine dose #1 at the University of Toledo Medical Center – as UTMC received 1,200 doses of the vaccine and started with front line workers to make vaccinations available to all staff 

Earlier in 2020, Local 2415 members at UTMC were part of a team that once again proved the hospital’s worth as a research, training and care institution by developing a COVID19 test that yielded much faster results than others in use at the time.

According to AFSCME Local 2415 President Randy Desposito, “This is exactly why we need to keep research, teaching, and care public hospitals like UTMC strong as an essential community resource. We have the people, expertise and equipment to make a difference, not just in Toledo but for everyone,” he said.

UTMC has also been tapped as one of 40 top hospitals in the country joining the government’s national “Big Affects” study to determine which treatments work best to care for COVID 19 patients.  


We must move forward united.

Recent events have shown us America divided.

In Georgia, a triumph of organizing and motivating voters resulted in the election of two US Senators with the potential to end congressional gridlock and move America forward.

Twenty-four hours later this victory was eclipsed in Washington D.C. by an attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair national election by a violent mob incited and encouraged by a sitting president of the United States.

With the incoming Biden/Harris administration and a new majority in Congress I am hopeful that we can start to move forward with a rapid and coordinated response to the COVID pandemic focused first on vaccinating all front line and essential workers and those most at risk.

The incoming administration also needs to provide additional assistance to America’s working families so they can remain in their homes and keep food on the table. And after more than eight months of lobbying, we may finally see more aid for state and local governments struggling to provide vital services to their communities in the wake of revenue losses and increased costs associated with the corona virus.

Moving forward will not be easy and will take time. To do this we must start by working together. We can and must rebuild faith in the rule of law, in our institutions and each other.

AFSCME Members Receive COVID Moderna Vaccine

Nina Longwell

Members of AFSCME Local 2026 representing nurses like Nina Longwell at Trumbull Regional Medical Center in Warren, Ohio have started receiving the COVID Moderna vaccine.

According to union President Tom Connelly vaccinations will be available for all of the hospital’s more than 1,600 staff. Priority will be given to ER, Critical Care and COVID units first he said.

“We just started but as we progress we will be picking up speed getting faster was we go,” Connelly said.

Longwell is an executive board member of AFSCME Local 2026 which has represented nurses at Trumbull Regional Medical Center since 1999.

A holiday message from AFSCME Ohio Council 8

2020 has been a year of challenge for Ohio and our nation.  AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members have responded with courage, care, and dedication.  Your contribution to keeping your community safe and secure is valued and appreciated.

 A special note of gratitude goes to our members who will not spend the holiday with their families because they are serving the public working in health care, elder care, emergency services, emergency dispatch, transportation, utilities, and all other 24/7 operations on which the public depends.

In addition, we must thank those who are serving in the military and their families who will miss them during this holiday season.

On behalf of our union’s officers and leaders, we want to wish all AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members and their families a healthy and happy holiday.

In solidarity,

Sean Grayson, President    

Marcia Knox, First Vice President

AFSCME Ohio Council 8, AFL-CIO

COVID-19 Vaccines Administered at Cleveland’s MetroHealth Hospital

AFSCME Local 3360 member Dennis Feliciano an Environmental Services Department Porter is one of the first front-line workers at Cleveland’s MetroHealth to receive the coronavirus vaccine now being shipped to Ohio hospitals and nursing homes. 

Feliciano is responsible for cleaning floors, rooms and other areas of the hospital. As the vaccine becomes more available in the coming weeks AFSCME members working in hospitals, nursing homes and other essential jobs will be among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to Cleveland, Ohio Council 8 represents health care workers in Akron, Athens, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown regions.

AFSCME Members Are Keeping Us Safe

AFSCME Local 1632 City of Columbus repairing a downed street light probably one of the first casualties of the first central Ohio snowfall. Their work keeps the streets safe and city running. AFSCME members are at work across the city, the county and the state and will be on duty whatever the weather.

Have a safe Thankgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends are fun but can increase the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu. Follow these tips to make your Thanksgiving holiday safer.

The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year is to celebrate with people in your household. If you do plan to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, take steps to make your celebration safer.

For a full guide of how to stay safe this Thanksgiving and reduce the spread of COVID-19, read the CDC’s guidelines here.


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Right to work is a fraud. Don’t take the bait.

AFSCME Members,

Have you been propositioned lately? City of Cleveland AFSCME Local 100 members have. They recently received an e-mail from the so-called “Freedom Foundation” sent to their work address.   

Here’s the pitch – you can quit your union and lose nothing – everything stays the same.

Don’t take the bait! Remember – there’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.

Local 100 members and others receive e-mails like this at work because the anti-union gang has been scouring the internet searching for your personal information.  They are collecting your employment records, pension records, Bureau of Worker’s Compensation records and any other information they can find about you.

Right-to-Work is a fraud. It’s a trap to turn our union from a powerhouse, into a poorhouse.

What they say fact check:

It’s about freedom of speech. (Not true – it’s about weakening the union).

Pay and benefits stay the same. (Until the current contract is up –then?)

The boss won’t change a thing. (Are you kidding me?)

The billionaires funding right-to-work want you to take the bait. They want you to opt-out to take away the power our union has as your strong voice on the job every day. 

That strong voice means protecting:

  • Job Security
  • Decent Pay
  • Strong Benefits
  • Secure Pensions
  • Job Safety

If ever there is a need for union members standing together it’s now.  Facing a continuing pandemic and the U.S. Senate holding up HEREOS Act funding to state and local governments hit hard by unemployment and the loss of tax revenue caused by COVID19, public employers are threatening more furloughs and layoffs.  A strong union on your side is vital.

It’s our members that make us strong.  As union members we work together for a better life for each other, for our families and our community.

Being a member gives us the power to defend our jobs, win the pay we’re worth, the benefits we depend on, and the respect we deserve. 

Don’t take the bait – stick with the union!

In solidarity, Sean Grayson

President, AFSCME Ohio Council 8, AFL-CIO

6800 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio, 43085-2512
Phone: 614-841-1918
Fax: 614-841-1299