Budget passed by the Legislature fails to meet Ohio’s needs.

The Ohio legislature has passed the FY16 thru FY17 Biennial Budget and once again has failed in meeting the needs of Ohio.
Under the budget, cuts to local governments continue whereby cities and counties do not see any additional dollars in state aid; dollars that are used to help fund vital public services.

And in what may be considered the most mean-spirited attack on workers, Governor Kasich rescinded the executive orders that allowed the state to bargain with in-home child care providers and health care aids. The legislature even went so far as to add language into state law that prohibits the state from ever bargaining with workers that are not covered by Ohio’s collective bargaining law or the National Labor Relations Act.

Also under the budget, most local school districts continue to remain flat-funded over the biennium. And in what can only be viewed as another attack on public education, legislation was passed that continues the trend of taking away local control of school districts.

House Bill 70 will allow for the creation of a local Academic Stress Commission that calls for the appointment of a CEO of a school district whereby a local school board’s authority is basically eliminated. This individual would then have the authority to suspend union contracts and close school buildings or reopen them as charter schools.

Thousands of AFSCME Ohio Council 8 members work for cities, counties and school districts across Ohio. This November, elections for mayors, city councils and school boards will be on the ballot. We have the opportunity to make change and it starts in our local communities. So, on Tuesday, November 3rd, lets make our voice heard. VOTE!

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