Be Tick Smart!

Ticks – Beware These Summer Hitchhikers

The summer season is here, and many Ohio Council 8 members are busy mowing grass, removing brush and cutting back undergrowth in parks, along streets and highways, vacant lots and rights of way.

Summer is also tick season. Outdoor workers need to be vigilant to protect themselves and their families from these summertime hitchhikers. According to the Ohio Department of Health, your odds of getting bit by a tick and contracting a disease are getting higher each year in Ohio.

In the past four years, the number of cases of Lyme disease in Ohio nearly doubled, with 293 cases reported in 2018. There have already been more than 27 cases reported statewide so far this year.

In addition to Lyme disease, tick bites can also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Health records indicate there were 38 Rocky Mountain spotted fever cases last year across Ohio.

If you experience a tick bite on the job, make sure you report the bite to your supervisor as you would any work-related injury. If the bite should make you ill, you will have proof that it occurred on the job and the documentation you will need to take sick leave or apply for workers compensation.

Thoroughly check yourself and your clothing at the end of your shift or soon after. Ticks are notorious hitchhikers and while you may not get bitten, you may be bringing an infected tick into your home where it could bite other family members or pets.

Click here for more information on tick bites.

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