AFSCME Represented at “Right to Work” Hearing

Gov. John Kasich is off campaigning in New Hampshire bragging that under his leadership “Ohio has become a top-ten state for job creation” and “Wages are growing faster than the national average.”

Meanwhile back in Columbus, fellow Republican State Rep. Tom Brinkman is pushing a private sector right-to-work bill. He says Ohio’s weak economy needs to spark job growth so “we can compete with Michigan and Indiana.

Mike Ross, President of City of Heath AFSCME Local 3439 (right) and his wife, came to the packed hearing room to show their disapproval of a private sector right-to-work law introduced in the Ohio Legislature.

“While this is aimed at the private sector, that affects all of us,” said Ross, who works for Heath’s wastewater treatment plant.

Ross said that trying to sell right-to-work as a job creator has been shown not to be the case. And the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute agrees with Ross.

Just last year, the institute published a study which found that claim false, and that “the simple reality is that RTW laws undermine the resources that help workers bargain for better wages and benefits.”

The Ross’s joined more than 100 fellow unionists that filled the hearing room and two additional overflow rooms while the bill’s sponsor, Republican State Rep. Tom Brinkman, was peppered by Democratic committee members about RTW’s negative impact on job safety, wages, and job security.



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