AFSCME Local 7 Members Negotiate Strongest Contract in 80 Year History

(Toledo, OH.) AFSCME Local 7 and its members negotiated one of the most successful union contracts in the local’s 80 year history. The bargained contract includes an across the board 4% raise for members, parity between all job classifications, which could lead to an almost 2% to 2.5% wage adjustment for all job classifications, and a change for newer employees to begin earning 95% of the highest end of the earning scale. 

President of AFSCME Local 7 Don Czerniak led the negotiations and was very proud of the results. “Our membership really appreciates this contract – we had over 90% of our membership vote in favor of the contract. This contract is one of the best contracts this local has been able to negotiate in the history of the local.” 

The city of Toledo was facing a large number of vacancies but were wanting to make sure it was hiring quality applicants who they would be able to retain. AFSCME Local 7 members became committed to working with the City to create solutions that would benefit everyone. One of the main solutions was ensuring that employees be paid fairly and equitably. Members will now receive a 4% raise for the next three years. The City also included an additional bonus of $1,300 for each employee in the unit. 

The financial victories also included pushing for most employees to begin at 95% of the wage scale. Employees were previously starting at 75% and then would have to wait almost four years before they could earn 95% of their scale. Some employees will see an almost $4 an hour difference in pay. And finally, up til now some employees have been doing the same job, with one position being paid more than the other depending on their union and classification. Now the City has agreed to adjust the pay between 2% to 2.5% for all of AFSCME Local 7’s job classifications, making pay more equitable across the city. Winning a contract as financially rewarding as this goes a long way to show the City of Toledo employees that when employees come together there is real power in a union.

By Namita Waghray

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