AFSCME Council 8 Member Pat Waller on the Affordable Care Act

Registered Nurse and AFSCME Council 8 member Pat Waller spoke with AFSCME about the effects that repealing the Affordable Care Act and cutting Medicaid would have in her rural community of Athens, Ohio.

“No one should ever have to worry between taking your child to the doctor, or putting food on the table,” she said. “I’m afraid that, you know, with the current administration that they’re going to just repeal every good thing in the Affordable Care Act that has made health care so much better for people in this country.”

Pat works in labor and delivery at a small, rural hospital in Athens, Ohio. She describes the passion she has for her job and the people she serves, but also notes that many more patients coming into the hospital now have coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if 60-70% of the people we serve in the hospital do not have some form of the Medicaid health care expansion, especially in Labor and Delivery where I work.”

With insurance, more and more women are getting prenatal care, which makes for a safer and healthier pregnancy.

Share Pat’s story and call 1-888-851-1916 to tell Congress: NO CUTS to Medicaid.

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