Political advocacy is so important to AFSCME Council 8 that the organization has a full-time position solely devoted to this job.

Political and Legislative Director Robert Davis works on behalf of Council 8 members and retirees every day.

It’s a big job.

Attacks on working people can come from anywhere, so Davis follows every piece of legislation at the Ohio Statehouse. And that’s not all – he tracks important federal legislation, along with important court cases, local ordinances, and any political action that might impact Council 8 members.

Throughout his years of service, Davis has developed close working relationships with elected officials and other leaders in Columbus and around the state.

Davis also oversees major action efforts for Council 8 members, including joint lobby days with partner organizations like OCSEA and OAPSE. These efforts are particularly important when major legislation, like the biennial budget, is up for debate.

In addition to his advocacy at the state level, Davis works to stay apprised of local issues that would impact Council 8 members. By actively communicating with local officials and Council 8’s Area PEOPLE Committees (APCs), Davis ensures that Council 8 members have the tools they need to get involved with political action at every level of government.

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