The AFSCME Family in Action

The AFSCME family is constantly providing services to our communities. But sometimes, our members go above and beyond in their commitment to serve. What happened in Mansfield earlier this week, is one such case.

Rob Ruth was injured in October of 2013 in an accident. As a result, Rob was forced to take time off from his job as a dispatcher with the city of Mansfield’s 911 public service communications center, where he has worked for 20 years.

As his symptoms grew more and more severe, he was diagnosed with avascular neurosis, which ultimately required several surgeries. As a result of the disease, he has lost the use of both of his hips and was forced to stay for three months at a rehabilitation facility in Ashland.

Because he has used up all of his sick leave, Rob is no longer being paid by the city.While he is in the process of applying for disability, funds are tight. This reality meant that there was no money to fund the construction of a wheelchair ramp for his home.

That’s where AFSCME comes in.

AFSCME Local 3088, along with several other unions, banded together to raise the money for the ramp. Then, the group drew up plans for the ramp and began construction. Thanks to their teamwork, something that was once a huge challenge has become no problem.

Now, Rob can focus on the real goal: recovering so he can go back to work as a 911 operator.

As always, we’re proud to be a part of the AFSCME family, and this is just one of the many reasons why.

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